Quick Overview of Services:
Hazardous Waste Management
Disposal & Recycling of Waste Material
Bulk & Drummed Waste Handling
Waste Packaging & Packing
HazMat Transportation
Waste Profiling & Manifest
Tank Cleaning
Waste Testing & Profiling

Short List of Waste Managed:
Used Lube Oils
Spent Antifreezes
Used Oil Filters
Spent Lamps
Flammable Liquids & Solids
Corrosive Liquids & Solids
Toxics Waste
Dry Cleaning Waste
Federal Listed Waste
State Regulated
And Many More.

Industries Served:
Food Processing
Dry Cleaning
Oil Field
Refining Industry
Property Management
Many More…

We are proud to provide top of the line service at the most competitive prices in the industry. Pacific Oil Company offers a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste collection, management, transportation, recycling and disposal services. This includes everything from waste disposal and laboratory chemical packing, to on-site environmental cleaning services and emergency response, as well as everything in between. We take care to provide safe services and maintain compliance with all regulations.

Waste Disposal

Pacific Oil Company provides waste liquid pumping, solid waste disposal, drum delivery, drum packing, drum removal, on site drum loading, lab packing, vacuum pumping, waste sampling, waste profiling, waste consulting, hi-pressure residue removal (hydroblasting), tank cleaning, low clearance vacuum pumping, waste labeling, and bagging. We can also remove oil skimmings, sludges, slurries, wastewater, leachate, and drilling mud.

This includes hazardous waste recycling, treatment, transportation and disposal of any type of waste stream. Hazardous waste can be in the form of liquid, solid, semi-solid, sludge, and gases, in drums or in bulk. Drummed waste management includes profiling, tracking, recycling, treatment or disposal, as necessary. Some types of waste we manage are RCRA, TSCA, and CERCLA hazardous waste, halogenated and non-halogenated VOCs and SVOCs, inorganic, reactive, petroleum-contaminated waste, and explosives.

Automotive Industry Waste Management

Pacific Oil Company's experienced staff efficiently takes care of used oils, drained oil filters, spent antifreeze, oil-soaked rags, used fuel filters, shop clarifier system waste, used soaps, grease, solvents, and aqueous parts washers. This can include recycling solvents, oils, combustion engine fluids, manufactured parts and products. We manage the processing of drum and bulk oil, waste oil, and oil water mixtures. Water and oil can be separated and we can do pump outs at automotive service or collection centers. A distillation/filtration process and corrosion inhibitor treatment transforms used antifreeze (ethylene glycol) into a recycled antifreeze for reuse. Used motor oil is re-refined into new motor oil, transmission fluid and high-quality lubricating oils. It only takes three gallons of used motor oil to produce one gallon of re-refined motor oil, but it takes 75 gallons of crude to make one gallon of virgin motor oil.

Industrial and Manufacturing Waste Management

In terms of industrial waste and manufacturing waste management, our services include the transporting, disposal, and when ever possible, recycling of oily water, corrosive liquids and solids, non-RCRA waste liquids and solids, acids, alkaline, caustic waste, inks, paints, thinner, industrial clarifiers, tank bottom waste, sludges, filter cake, waste water, contaminated soil and liquids, flammable liquids and solids, aerosols, metal contaminated waste, D listed waste, F listed waste, and other toxic waste. Tank cleaning services include maintenance, debris removal, and cleaning of large and small tanks such as acid neutralization tanks, refinery tanks, fuel oil tanks, vaults, decommissioned vessels, and wastewater treatment tanks.

Vacuum services include liquid, dry and semi-solid waste materials, hazardous or non-hazardous to the end of cleaning and maintenance of oil water separators, sumps, tanks, catch basins, storm drains, underground pipes, power plants, boilers, and plant tanks. Pacific Oil Company's liquid vacuum services include the removal and transportation of flammable materials, corrosive substances oil skimmings, sludges, wastewater, leachate, drilling mud, and spent coolants. Pacific Oil Company's air vacuum services include soot, carbon black, filtrate, filter media, grease, tar, tank bottoms, clarifier solids, silica sand and spent abrasives. We safely manage PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) related wastes. PCBs can be recycled, incinerated, treated or landfilled. Objects containing PCBs include transformers, capacitors, ballasts, old caulking, and other liquids and solids. We offer transformer services including vacuum fill, mid-life oil reclamation and retrofill, and end-of-life dismantling and recycling. Solvents that can be recycled include aliphatic hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbon, alcohols, chlorinated, esters, and ketones.

Site Decontamination and Equipment Decontamination

Using different techniques and machinery, decontamination can be achieved in a variety of circumstances by removing, neutralizing, or destroying hazardous substances such as heavy metals and other chemicals. Pacific Oil Company can decontaminate small machinery, fume hoods, transformer pads, manholes, chemical tanks, plating tank lines, vapor degreasers, single buildings, spill basins, entire facilities and other contaminated areas. Some of the techniques include pressure washing, steam cleaning, use of particulate air filter vacuums, and chemicals. Machinery and areas can be decontaminated for mercury, lead, PCB, animal fecal matter, for example, from birds, as well as other contaminations.

Medical Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal, Biohazard Cleaning

Pacific Oil Company's waste management services include medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, and biohazards. We handle sharps, needles, contaminated gauze and cotton, used sheets, linens and clothes, testing supplies, blood, chemo residuals, pathology waste, crime scene clean up, and expired pharmacy chemicals. Biohazard cleaning can include disinfection of agriculture and livestock areas, removal of animals carcasses, environmental cleaning, and the removal of organic and non-organic matter.

Chemical Packing

We also provide chemical packing, removal and recycling of chemicals such as those used in labs, hospitals, research labs, school labs, and crime labs. This includes the safe removal of highly hazardous, reactive and radioactive materials, cylinders, compressed gases, expired lab chemicals, and DEA controlled substances. Some situations that require chemical packing are lab closures or moves

Explosives Handling

We are equipped to remove and transport confiscated explosive such as fireworks, ammunition, and other manufactured explosives, bulk and missile propellants, rocket motors, flares, initiators, contaminated debris, refinery, petrochemical and oil field residuals, detonators, cartridges, and small arms ammunition.

Emergency Response

Pacific Oil Company provides immediate emergency spill response and disaster response. We offer containment, clean up, remediation, debris removal, hazardous waste handling, and disposal of material resulting from accidental spills of hazardous materials and wastes.

Compliance Services

If you are not in compliance with specific regulatory agencies or have been cited, we can bring your operations into compliance. We maintain meticulous records and documentation for customers and can provide these to you by email, fax or mail as necessary.

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